Instructional Design and Content Creation Magic

How I Solve Your Training Needs

I’m a creative problem-solver with a great big bucket-load of industry standard tools, almost comically broad experience and a serious Sahara Desert thirst for empowering others to learn and succeed.

I am able to come into virtually any situation and communicate effectively with all key stakeholders, whether they are Subject Matter Experts (SME’s), Executive Management, Investors or Students. Regardless of how technical the challenge is, I can comprehend and distill the needs, concepts and other variables in order to create effective instructional solutions. I create systems that positively address learning modes (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) using methods that are engaging, fun, entertaining and interactive. In addition to client work, I also create my own online training courses on and elsewhere. Besides designing instructional systems, I also love personally facilitating workshops and public speaking whenever possible. Did someone say “Gamification?” My background includes extensive hands-on work with many blockbuster games from Microsoft Studios and a role as Creative Director with Wild Tangent, the largest online publisher of casual games at the time with more than 3.500 titles.

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Nothing beats an in-person interview, but when you can’t actually sit down and talk, then sometimes it helps to see that person on video. In this short clip, I talk about what I do, how that distinguishes me as a brand, and how it can add value for you. Click link to view video:



This presentation will briefly explain my general process for the creation of Instructional Design (ISD) projects. I cover ISD models such as ADDIE and SAM as well as many other aspects of the project life-cycle. Click the link below to view video:




Expert level skills in most Adobe Creative Cloud apps including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, XD and more. Mastery of eLearning, wireframing and prototyping apps including Captivate, Camtasia, Articulate Storyline, H5P and Axure. In fact, I have taught or written curriculum for several of these apps.


I have two design degrees including a BFA from the Art Center College of Design. I also hold an MBA in Information Systems from City University of Seattle, as well as several certificates in education from other accredited institutions. I have served as both a Visual Communications Department Chair as well as Adjunct Faculty.


I’m a content creation machine and that saves you both time and money. My images have been published globally in virtually all media including several stock agencies. I am a published author of both books and blog articles. I’m equally happy using your content, mine, or procuring compelling new material in support of objectives.


I use design, images, video and words for narrative storytelling and instructional design. Always have. We connect best to stories and I use compelling images that get viewers attention. Paired with great content, these can create unparalleled learning outcomes.


Tools & the Learning Ecosystem

Because of my background and training in design as well as education, I have a really large range of tools in my bag that I am able to draw on to get things done. In addition to apps such as Camtasia, Storyline, H5P and Captivate, I am expert with most software in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite including XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and After Effects. I employ various other tools when I need them for story-boarding, whiteboard brainstorming, wire-framing and presentation etc. Some of these include Omnigraffle, Balsamiq, Coggle and of course PowerPoint. Similarly, I am familiar with various Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Moodle, Open edX and Blackboard.

This saves you time and money. If you don’t have to run around tracking down a pile of people and resources to accomplish any given job, it stands to reason that your life is probably going to be a lot easier. Not only will your own team thank you, your clients are going love you.

Two more things: In addition to creating knock-your-socks-off online instructional solutions, I also facilitate live, in-person workshops and keynote talks. Did I mention content creation? I’ve been creating world-class imagery and writing content for a long time. That not only saves you time and money, but also imbues your projects with unique, compelling content that fits the message rather than the other way around. If I don’t have the right imagery, then I know where and how to get it – fast and within budget.


My basic “go-to” methodology is to Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate, or ADDIE as its acronym denotes. I pull in and use many others such as UDL, ISD, UBD, SAM and Kemp et al, as well as a whole potpourri of techniques and systems learned formally and informally. I first try to address two key questions around what and why. My approach accounts for practical utilitarian considerations, but not at the expense of creativity, collaboration and communication.

Outcomes are critically important, but so are processes. In the design and development phases, I prefer to work iteratively while keeping close tabs on formative evaluation throughout to help guide my efforts. Parts of this approach are takeaways I’ve gleaned from years spent working in software using Agile methodologies. Depending on size and scope of the project, I am happily able to work collaboratively as part of a team, or handle all strategic and applied areas myself. Each project is unique and I am very flexible. After the implementation phase, I perform a summative evaluation taking into account all key metrics and performance indicators established at the outset and then adjusted for throughout the life of the project.

Because of my extensive background in user experience (UI/UX), I’m totally dialed in to usability and accessibility when crafting learning solutions. I employ User Design for Learning (UDL) principles in order to more effectively engage the broadest range of learning styles out there.